My Beauty Christmas Wish List

He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.
— Roy L. Smith

Hello Beauties! Today I want to share with you my Christmas Wish List for 2015 with Beauty related stuff. All of the items in it are from cruelty-companies of course. So if you haven't decided yet what to buy for your loved ones and for yourself, I hope this post could bring you some inspiration. 

1. Beauty Blender Bling Ring Kit


Now you are probably thinking how can I call myself a beauty blogger and not owning a Beauty Blender. To be honest I was was quite skeptical about it and I was thinking that the whole hype will go away in no time. I have been trying other make up sponges before and they are definitely not my thing. However, as it seems that’s not the case with the Beauty Blender. This magical spongy came here to stay and with all those positive reviews and feedback on the internet it really grabbed my attention. Plus this fabulous Bling Ring Kit it's a must have in my opinion.

Where to buy?
You can purchase the Beauty Blender from here

2. The Original Konjac Sponge 


I already have 3 different Konjac sponges from other brands and I am so impressed with all of them. I literally can’t recommend enough those beauty inventions. I can’t remember the last time when I was so excited about a product and I am definitely going to make a separate blog post about it. Anyway,  I really want to try the original one and to compare it with the others. Since the ones that I have are pure Konjac sponges without any additives I am curious to try the one with charcoal bamboo for oily and acne prone skin. 

Where to buy?
You can purchase the Original Konjac Sponge from any pharmacy. 

3. Carli Bybel Eyeshadow & Highlight Palette 


For those of you who don’t know who is Carly Bible you should do go and check her Youtube channel ASAP. She is a famous Beauty and Fashion Vlogger and she has the sweetest personality ever. I am huge fan of her and when I found out that she is about to launch her own eyeshadow and highlighter palette in collaboration with BH Cosmetics I knew right away that I am going to have it. The pallet was launched on 9th of September and 10 hours later it was sold out so I was unable to purchase it. If you want this pallet I suggest you to sign up for the waiting list now.

Where to buy?
You can purchase the Carli Bybel Palette from here.

4. Milani EyeShadow Primer


I've been using Urban Decay eyeshadow primers for the last few years and I am really satisfied with them. However I saw recently many beauty bloggers to brag about the Milani Cosmetics EyeShadow primer and I would like to give it a try and to see for myself. Plus the price is super affordable and if it is as good as they say, it's basically a steal! 

Where to buy?
You can purchase the Milani EyeShadow Primer from here.

5. Akamuti Chocolate Orange Christmas Set


If you are looking for high quality cosmetic made exclusively from natural ingredients, then look no further. Akamuti UK launched some seriously fabulous sets for Christmas this year and you are not getting only great products but also a reasonable discount. I use the Chocolate Marshmallow Face Mask and I am telling you if you love chocolate and if you love your skin then you need this in your life. This bundle also includes facial scrub and cleanser, foot smoothie and distilled tonic water all of them infused with sweet orange essential oil. Mmm, I can smell Christmas right now!  

Where to buy?
You can purchase the Chocolate & Orange Set from here.

6. Le Grand Chateau by Too Faced


Le Grand Chateau by Too Faced is part of their collection "Christmas in Paris" and includes three palettes with six eyeshadows and a bronzer/blusher each. You'll also get a sample size of their signature "Better Than Sex" mascara. As you can see it has the sweetest packaging and it is one of the things in my list that I want most. And probably the one, that I won't get for sure. Unfortunately, Too Faced Cosmetics don't offer shipping to Denmark and I was looking for Danish retailers who are selling Le Grand Chateau but without any success. So if you know from where I can buy it, please let me know.

Where to buy?
You can purchase Le Grand Chateau from here.

7. Skinny Mint Detox Tea


Last, but not least in my list is the Skinny Mint Detox Tea. For quite sometime I want to try it, because people are raving about this miraculous tea on the internet and I want to see what is all about. Plus, what better time for a detox than the time after the Holiday feasts. I think it would be great to give a fresh start of the new year by cleansing my body of all the toxins.

Where to buy? 
You can order yours from the Skinny Mint official webpage. They also offer free shipping worldwide. 

Well Beauties, that was my Christmas Wish list for this year with Beauty related stuff. Have you tried some of this already and what do you think about them? Would you include some of them in your Christmas list? Let me know in the comments below! :)))

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The photos used in this post are not mine. I sourced them from the websites of the companies, mentioned above.