Happy Spring + Blog Updates // FREE Stock Photos

It is Spring again. The Earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.
— Rainer Maria Rilke

Hello Beauties and Happy Spring! Today's post is a bit unusual for me but I really hope that you'll like it. 
Spring makes my heart and soul high on vibes (if that's even a thing, lol) and I feel like spreading positivity all over the place. So bare with me throughout my excitement and if you are not yet in Spring mood I hope these blooming crocuses will help you to achieve just that. Every year, we have the pleasure to enjoy this spectacular view in one of the city parks where I live and I think it is something worth sharing. 



Another reason for me to be excited is that later this week I'll host my first guest blogger here on the blog. The lovely Amy Mia Goldsmith from Beausmith Blog will share with you amazing tips for Spring Skin Care that will help you achieve healthy glow and freshness. So stay tuned for this one if you are interested in budget friendly beauty hacks who happened to be all natural. 

And last but not least I have something special for you. I am giving away 5 Stock Images for FREE to keep your Spring spirit uplifted, colorful and vibrant. You can add filters, color overlays, text and graphic elements as you desire. Credits are not required but always highly appreciated.

Let me know what do you love the most about Spring in the comments below and may your path be covered in blooming crocuses... :D xxx