MINNAVI - Korean Skincare From The Future | Review

Because you are the only one in the world, your skin is the only one in the world, too.
— Minnavi

Hey, Beauties! Today I have the pleasure to present you Minnavi - Korean Skincare brand from the future. I am sure you’ve noticed that Korean beauty companies are taking the world by storm with their innovative products and Minnavi is not an exception.  I am excited I got the chance to collaborate with them, as the products they are offering are nothing I’ve seen before. 

The Unique Concept

What makes Minnavi so different is their unique concept of customizable skin care. We all have different complexions with various needs. Unfortunately the generalizations of the main skin types doesn’t always helps us to find what we need among the enormous amount of products on the market.

To make things simple for us, Minnavi created their Customizable Ampoule Care System. The system consist of Time Release Delivery Fluid* as a base and six ampoules you can mix and match together. This gives you exactly 15 624 possible combinations to choose from. Pretty impressive, I would say!


The Ampoule Concentrates

The ampoules are premium blend of natural oils, each one having different properties. Minnavi currently offers 6 ampoule concentrates - Sensitive*, Nourishing*, Vitality, Brightening, Elasticity, Moisturizing.  All of the ampoules are 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free. You can use them on their own or to mix them with the fluid. 

By now you probably already know how obsessed I am with natural and essential oils, so I was pretty excited about those ampoules. I got the chance to try two of those babies - Sensitive*, which is a blend of Damask Rose Oil and Jojoba Oil and Nourishing*, which is a mix of Olive Oil and Camellia Oleifera.
I used both for more than a month as a face moisturizer and under eye cream and I absolutely love them. My skin feels very soft and I like how fast my skin absorbs them.


The Time Release Delivery Fluid

I love the idea behind the fluid as it offers you 4 products in one. Hands down, I am lazy and if I can get 4 products with one application I am up for it. The Time Release Delivery Fluid* serves as an essence, lotion, face cream and brightening/anti-wrinkle cream. It can be used on its own or as I already said, in a combination with the ampoules. The fluid is also suitable for vegans, since there are no animal ingredients in its formula.

I have tried it for a week, but I haven’t seen the same results as when I was using the oils on their own. For years my skin care routine consists predominantly of natural oils and I find it hard to get back to creams and fluids. However, that doesn’t mean the fluid won’t work for you. 



As a package junkie I can’t skip this and not to mention how incredible and out-of-this world is the packaging of these products. The attention to the details and the quality are just amazing. My favorite part are the clear acrylic stands of the ampoules - so aesthetically pleasing! 



You can buy Minnavi’s product from their official website here. At the moment they offer shipping only within USA and Korea. Minnavi are planning to expand from the next year, which is great because I think they deserve a world wide recognition. 

Final Thoughts

I absolutely love the concept of customizable skin care and I believe that’s the way to go. We all have different needs skin wise and having the power to create our own unique blend is amazing. For me personally, this is a skin care from the future! I am obsessed! 


What do you think about Minnavi's concept? Is it something that you would try?
Let me know in the comments below - I am always happy to hear form you!


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