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I Wish I Knew This Before Going Vegan | Part 2

Hello, Beauties! Sometime ago I wrote "I Wish I Knew This Before Going Vegan"  and this post received many positive comments and feedback so I am happy to report that I am finally ready with Part 2. 
If you haven't got the chance to check the first post, you can do this now or after reading this one. 
So we are continuing right from where we left... 

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Vegan Truffles & Rosé For My Name Day | Recipe Inside

Hello, Beauties and Happy Easter! I hope you are having a blast and enjoying your holiday. I am in party mood since last Sunday (9th of April) because it was my name day. Every year a week before Easter the Orthodox Christianity celebrates Branch Sunday also known as Palm Sunday. As we don’t have palms in Bulgaria we use willow branches for the purpose. This holiday is also known as Flower Day (Tsvetnica) and people who are named after flowers or plants celebrate their name days. Since I am named after one of the most beautiful flowers (in my humble opinion) I also celebrate on this day.

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7 Things To Do This Easter If You Are Vegan | 2017

Hello Beauties! Ester is upon us and although it is a symbol of regeneration and growth it’s not expected with a lot of anticipation from most of the vegans - me included.
There are many traditions and activities around this holiday but unfortunately most of them involve some form of animal cruelty. It might be hard to enjoy your Easter Break if everyone around you have fun and you feel left from all the activities.

That’s why I created a mini guide of 7 fun, yet cruelty - free activities that you can enjoy as a vegan during this Easter.

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I Wish I Knew This Before Going Vegan | Part 1

First of all congratulations! if you are reading this you are most likely on the vegan wagon or you are considering jumping on it. Either way let me say a HUGE THANK YOU for saving the animals, for helping the planet and for looking after yourself. I often say that going vegan was one of the easiest decisions in my life. Becoming one was a completely different story. 

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Happy Spring + Blog Updates // FREE Stock Photos

Hello Beauties and Happy Spring! Today's post is a bit unusual for me but I really hope that you'll like it. 
Spring makes my heart and soul high on vibes (if that's even a thing, lol) and I feel like spreading positivity all over the place. So bare with me throughout my excitement and if you are not yet in Spring mood I hope these blooming crocuses will help you to achieve just that. Every year, we have the pleasure to enjoy this spectacular view in one of the city parks where I live and I think it is something worth sharing. 

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I Don't Wanna Be Normal Anymore! I Wanna Be A Vegan! Part Two

I think it is only natural to start from the beginning so my journey would make sense to all of you.

I’m suffering from acne since I was 11–12 years old. I won't exaggerate if I say that I've tried basically every pill, cream, lotion, treatment and device (you name it, I've tried it) that was on the market, with no luck whatsoever. Anyway, I am not planning to go any deeper into my frustrations since I am preparing another blog post on the topic.

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30 Days Lemon Water Detox Challenge + Free Progress Tracker

Hello Beauties and WELCOME to my first 30 Days Challenge of the year! If you haven't seen my post from yesterday and want to learn more what those challenges are all about, then click here.

As you can tell by the title the first challenge will be Lemon Water Detox. I decided to start the  year with this challenge since in my opinion a cleanse and detox are always welcome after the Holidays' indulgence. 

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