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About Me

Lilly Angelova

My name is Lily Angelova and I am Fashion Designer and Stylist, Crafter, self – taught Makeup Artist, Entrepreneur, Animal Lover, Dream Chaser and obviously recently I became a Blogger. But after all I am just a girl! A girl who wants to share her thoughts and experience and who wants to help others like her!

I suffer from acne since I was 12 years old and I am at my mid-twenties now. I don't know if suffer is the right word for my condition since my acne was never that severe. Along the years I kind of got used to it and realised that it doesn't define me as a person. However, all of you who had or have acne know exactly what I am talking about and know how frustrating and annoying this could be. So… during the years of my journey for finding “The Cure” I gained significant amount of knowledge and information about what acne is, what are the causes of it and what could possibly improve this condition (I am not saying cure, because I am still fighting with it). I also discovered that most of the products that are offered by the conventional medicine and the drug stores brands has no or very little effect.

The bottom line is that after years of using all types of drug store and medical creams, cleansers, spot treatments, taking antibiotics and applying chemical peelings on my face(I could go like this for days) , I've finally realised that those products are actually causing more harm than good. And even worse –they have nothing but temporary effect. So basically I was feeling like I am wasting my time, my money and my hopes on products loaded with chemicals which didn't even helped me!

The good news are, that during my search for the “Holy Grail” I opened my eyes for an entire new world of natural treatments delivered to my doorstep straight from Mother Nature. As probably all of you know our skin is the largest organ in our body and as such it absorbs 60% of the topical products applied on it. These go straight to our bloodstream and affect our overall health in long term. The decision was easy for me – enough is enough! I went GREEN for good! I mean why I should bother buying a cream with extract of natural oil (Pff!), when I can simply go and buy the pure oil in its best form, without any chemicals and additives. It doesn't make any sense, right?

Unfortunately, switching from conventional cosmetics to natural ingredients and oils in most cases won't be enough to cure your acne. Acne is a complex condition and usually indicates a certain imbalance in your body. The difficult part is to identify the root cause of the acne and to identify what actually causes this imbalance. That is why I decided to implement a holistic approach to my treatment and to change not only my cosmetics but my whole life style and especially my eating habits. I decided to go from Omnivore to Vegan, because I truly believe that the food is the most powerful medicine and that we are what we eat. Going vegan was one of the easiest decisions in my life, becoming one however is completely different story. I am planning to write more about it very soon. As I said before this is a journey of a lifetime. It’s not a quick fix! I haven't reach my destination yet, but this is an ongoing process and it takes time.

This was the main reason why I decided to start this blog at the first place. Because I've realised how many people out there are facing the same challenges and they are fighting the same battle over and over again, every day.  And trust me I know how painful, frustrating and discouraging this could be. So if I could help, inspire or motivate even one of you then for me it is all worth it! On this page I will share with you various homemade beauty treatments for skin and hair care. Here you can find also my easy, yet delicious vegan recipes for smoothies, salads, dishes and desserts.
Stay tuned, ‘cause the best is yet to come! :)

Lily, xoxo