The Vegan Almanac

Join The Vegan Almanac 2017

What is the Vegan Almanac? 

The Vegan Almanac is my latest project and it's the first of its kind.
My goal is to gather and create a listing of 120 vegan bloggers in four main categories - Food, Beauty, Fitness and Lifestyle. Furthermore, the almanac is going to include interesting vegan statistics and facts

What is the purpose of the Vegan Almanac?

The Almanach will serve as a resource library and will assists fellow vegans in their journey to this fabulous and compassionate lifestyle.

Who can join the vegan Almanac?

If you are a vegan blogger in one of the four categories - Food, Beauty, Fitness or Lifestyle, then you are more than welcome to join. You can submit your application using the form below.  Please note that the Fitness category will cover all kinds of sports and activities such as yoga, pilates, crossfit, bodybuilding, etc. 

How the Almanac will be distributed? 

The Vegan Almanac will be in PDF form and it will be promoted and distributed throughout my blog - Beauty And The Nature. Each blogger listed in the Almanac will receive a copy prior to the official publishing. With this project I aim to create a community of likeminded bloggers, where we can support and promote each other. Moreover, the Vegan Almanac will give you the opportunity for greater exposure of your work to new potential readers. 

Submission Information

Your SUBMISSION should include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Direct link to your blog
  • The main category of your blog
  • Short bio/ what's your blog all about
  • Up to 5 direct links to the social media of your blog (you can choose which 5 to include)
  • Portrait picture of yourself (high quality)

Please, send the portrait photo of yourself to with the name of your blog in the Subject field. For the rest of the information you can use the form below.