Vitality and Beauty are gifts of Nature for those who live according to its laws.
— Leonardo Da Vinci

Hello Beauties and Welcome! 

My name is Lily, a girl with many interests and ambitions but above all with passion for healthy, sustainable and cruelty - free lifestyle. I am a firm believer in the holistic approach or in other words I believe that the optimal health can be achieved by proper balance between our body, mind and spirit. The first and most important step, you can take in order to improve your health, is what you put in your plate. The second - what you apply on your skin.  That is why in my blog you can find delicious vegan recipes and natural homemade beauty treatments for healthier, happier YOU! In the new LIFESTYLE section you can soon find advices and practical information regarding the cruelty - free way of living. If you want to know more about me, you can find this information here.

Have fun and remember that there is nothing more beautiful than Happy Healthy YOU!

Lots of love
Lily, xoxo